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Laurie Mintz at TedX
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Dr. Laurie Mintz has been an educator, therapist, researcher, and speaker in the field of human sexuality for several decades. Dr. Mintz loves to simultaneously educate audiences and make them laugh. She has the experience necessary to deliver an informative, engaging, and entertaining presentation or workshop to your college, university and/or organization. See below for a list of potential public speaking topics, CE workshop topics, video clips, praise, and upcoming and past engagements. Please note that during this time of COVID-19, Dr. Mintz can deliver any talk or workshop virtually.

Published research proves that Dr. Mintz’s presentations work! People who listen to her speak become more sexually aware, empowered, and even more orgasmic!


Public Speaking Topics

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Becoming Cliterate:
Closing the Orgasm Gap

In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Dr. Laurie Mintz uses startling statistics and poignant real-life stories to expose the gendered orgasm gap---the fact that during heterosexual sexual encounters, people who identify as men are having way more orgasms than people who identify as women. Dr. Mintz also reveals the causes for this gap and provides solutions to close the gap, both culturally and in individual bedrooms. In this presentation, Dr. Mintz also draws clear connections between pleasure equality and sexual consent. She also explains how feeling entitled to pleasure in the bedroom can help women feel more confident in other areas of their life, or in other words, how empowerment in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom and beyond. You will leave this presentation more sexually knowledgeable and confident, and inspired to be part of the new sexual revolution for pleasure equality.


Birds, Bees, and Bullshit:

Lies We're Taught About Sex

In this enlightening and humorous presentation, Dr. Mintz will use striking real-life examples to expose the lies about sex told in mainstream media, pornography, and in our current U.S. Sex Education system. Dr. Mintz will discuss the problems caused when teens and young adults use porn as a role model for sex and when sex education doesn’t include porn-literacy, including but not limited to a gendered orgasm gap and a high prevalence of sexual assault, teen pregnancy, and sexually-transmitted infections. As Dr. Mintz exposes these lies and sexual problems, she will provide little-know but essential sexual facts based in science. Dr. Mintz will also advocate for sex ed that is inclusive, sex-positive and that includes porn-literacy, using models from other countries that do just this and have better sexual health outcomes as a result. You will leave this presentation more knowledgeable about sex and more prepared to be a critical consumer of sexual media, as well as inspired to advocate for better sex education in our country. 

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Communication: The Bedrock to Make Your Bed (and Life) Rock

In this informative and entertaining presentation, Dr. Laurie Mintz will teach you the most important skill you can have across all life situations: Communication. Indeed, as Dr. Mintz will elucidate, good communication is essential to good relationships, good sex, and a successful career, yet it is a skill we receive almost no formal training in. This keynote will point out some common myths about communication, replacing these falsehoods with more accurate beliefs. Eight essential and life-changing communication skills (including both listening skills and talking skills) will be presented. Finally, good sexual communication--which is simply a subset of good general communication--will be detailed. You will leave this presentation better able to listen to others and to speak your mind in effective ways, across multiple life scenarios and situations.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Dr. Mintz has given both in-person and virtual CE workshops (ranging from one to eight hours) to several professional groups, including nurses, physicians, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. For psychologists and other mental health professionals, she can speak on treating the two most common concerns women bring to sex therapist: Diminished Sexual Desire and Difficulty Orgasming with a Partner.  Dr. Mintz has presented on these topics individually and in combination.  For medical professionals, Dr. Mintz has a presentation that she has given at multiple conferences and Grand Rounds titled, “Women’s Sexual Health: Brief Interventions for Busy Physicians” (or Nurses). She has the experience necessary to tailor a CE workshop to your organization's needs. Contact her to discuss your needs for a CE workshop.


“Dr. Mintz had fantastic stage presence, fitting right in with the seasoned stand­ up comics who she shared the stage with. She answered every question with humor, knowledge, and sensitivity! On several occasions in the show, the audience broke out in both applause and laughter in response to Dr. Mintz's statements. Several audience members approached me afterwards, raving about Dr. Mintz's part of the show and stating that they hoped she could return to answer more questions in the future. Indeed, Dr. Mintz was a key component in educating and dispelling shame around women's anatomy, which was the goal of my show. Dr. Mintz's has a gifted ability to talk about sex in a tangible, healing, humorous and inclusive way.” 

Shelly Slocum, Producer,
The Fetal Position

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Sample Videos

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Dr. Laurie Mintz Speaking Reel Final (1)
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A new sexual revolution for orgasm equality | Laurie Mintz | TEDxUF
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A bigger penis ≠ more pleasure (unpopular opinion) ft. Dr. Laurie Mintz
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Becoming Cliterate with Rachel Bloom & Dr. Laurie Mintz | CEC Recap
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Below please find a sampling of recent and upcoming public talks and CE workshops given to professionals.

Public Events

  • A New Sexual Revolution for Orgasm Equality: TEDxUF

  • Becoming Cliterate: Virtual presentation given to over 200 students enrolled Humans Sexuality courses at Chapman College.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex & Relationships: Virtual presentation given as part of AARP series on menopause. 

  • Becoming Cliterate: Virtual presentation given to over 60 students at Austin Peay State University (APSU)

  • An Interview with Dr. Laurie Mintz: Online presentation given to about 50 students in a Biology of Women class at Indiana University

  • Let’s Close the Orgasm Gap: Presentation given to over 200 attendees at an international, online celebration of women’s sexuality organized by the Shalis Institute.

  • Becoming Cliterate:  Virtual presentation given to approximately 14 graduate students enrolled in a Sex-Positive Approaches to Therapy course at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Overcoming Orgasm and Desire Issues: Presentation made via webinar to a lay audience in the Netherlands, sponsored by VLAM Magazine.

  • Becoming Cliterate: An Evening of Conversation Between Rachel Bloom and Dr. Laurie Mintz, sponsored by the UCLA Campus Events Commission.

  • The Fetal Position: An entertaining/educational event about Lady Parts:  Q+A in front of audience of 200 people at the Dynasty Typewriter Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Becoming Cliterate: Intimate dinner talk given to 25 women for Happy Women Dinners.

  • Becoming Cliterate: Keynote presentation given to about 100 students at Harvard University’s annual Sex Week.

  • Sex in the Swamp: Part of a four-person, hour-long SEXpert panel for this campus educational event in which over 150 University of Florida students asked anonymous question via a phone app. Sponsored by University of Florida Student Health Care Center and Alpha Lambda Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma at UF.

  • Becoming Cliterate: Book Signing and Talk. Presentation given to over 100 students at the University of Florida, sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research

  • Becoming Cliterate with Dr. Laurie Mintz (Getting Pleasure & Giving Consent): Presentation given to about 20 students at the University of Florida as part of Cupid’s Consent Week, sponsored by GatorWell’s STRIVE (Sexual Trauma Interpersonal Violence Education), UF Women’s Student Association, and Planned Parenthood Generation Action UF

  • Becoming Cliterate: Presentation given to approximately 50 residents of Tucson, AZ, sponsored by Antigone Books & Dusty Monk Pub

  • Becoming Cliterate: Presentation given to approximately 60 students in a freshman-only dorm at the University of Florida

  • No Faking It: An Open Forum on Sexuality: Presentation given to over 50 sorority and fraternity members at the University of Florida.

  • Sex Experts Webinar Series: Becoming Cliterate with Dr. Laurie Mintz: Presentation given via webinar to 75 attendees, sponsored by the Center for Healthy Sex

  • Becoming Cliterate: Presentation given to over 75 attendees, Amber Rose Foundation OPENed Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Becoming Cliterate: From Student to Sexpert. Presentation given to over 50 students at Union College, Schenectady NY.

  • Female Orgasm: Fact and Fiction. Presentation given to over 75 students in the UF Neuroscience Club.

  • The Power of Words: How Communication Can Change Your Life. Presentation given to over 500 adults attending One Day University, St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Presentation given to 100 students in the University of Florida Psychology Club.

  • Girls Night Out: A Conversation with Laurie Mintz. Presentation given to 30 women at the Little Vineyards Winery, Sonoma, CA.

  • Sexual Passion in Mid-Life: Why It’s Important & What You Can Do To Achieve It. Presentation given to 50 adult members of the Inside Edge Organization, Irvine, CA.

  • Sex Tips for Tired Moms: Presentation given to 40 members of the San Francisco Mom’s Club, Belmont, CA.

  • No Time or Energy for Sex: Tips for Moms-of-Multiples. Presentation given to 25 members of the Mothers-of-Multiples Club, Columbia, MO.

CE Workshops

Dr. Mintz has given many academic lectures and plenary addresses at professional conferences (e.g., the American Association for Sex Therapists, Educators, and Counselors; Society for Sex Therapy and Research; American Psychological Association) for which CE credit has been given.  Please see her vita for details. Below you will find a sampling of independent CE workshops given and scheduled to be given:

  • Treating the Two Most Common Female Sexual Complaints: Orgasm Issues and Diminished Desire (3 CEs):  As a part of TZK seminars, Dr. Mintz gives this 3-hour CE in a webinar format every other month, and it is also available for purchase as part of their recorded webinar library.

  • Treating the Two Most Common Female Sexual Complaints: Orgasm Issues and Diminished Desire: 1.5 hour CE presentation given by VLAM Magazine to over 30 sex therapists in the Netherlands.

  • Treating the Two Most Common Female Sexual Complaints: Orgasm Issues and Diminished Desire: Eight-hour CE presentation to given via webinar on November 16, 2020 for the Modern Sex Therapy Institute. (this CE remains available for purchase here).  

  • Low Desire & Orgasm Concerns Among Women: Causes and Treatment Strategies: Three-hour CE presentation given via webinar for the Bay Area Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association.

  • Solutions for Female Orgasm Problems: Helping Clients Become Cliterate: Three-hour CE presentation given simultaneously in person and via webinar for the American Psychological Association (this CE remains available for purchase here).

  • Solutions for Female Orgasm Problems: Helping Clients Become Cliterate: One-hour CE presentation given via webinar to the Utah Chapter of the American Association of Sex Therapists, Educators, and Counselors.

  • Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—And How To Get It: One-hour CE presentation given via webinar to the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Sex Counselor, Therapists, and Educators

  • Solutions for Female Orgasm Problems: Helping Clients Become Cliterate: One-hour CE presentation given in person to the North Central Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association.

  • Low Sexual Desire: Causes and Treatment Strategies: One-hour CE presentation given in person to the North Central Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association.

  • Low Sexual Desire: Causes and Treatments: One-hour CE presentation given in person at the Women’s Health Symposium, MU School of Medicine.​

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